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  The skyPipes Advanced Rules and Routes Configurator, Advanced Router for short, is Free Software (under the GNU General Public License). It implements a secure PostgreSQL database-backed Apache/PHP web application on GNU/Linux. This application maintains an iptables-based firewall configuration that translates multiple routable IP address spaces to one non-routable IP address space and back again. This dynamic firewall provides high availability using a combination of Network Address Translation, Static Alternative Routes, and Dead Gateway Detection, made possible by Julian Anastasov's Linux Kernel Patches. This software is freely downloadable from the internet.
  Turnkey systems are now available! For a very competitive price, receive a new machine installed with Advanced Router in a matter of days. Send us your configuration information, and get it fully pre-configured! Email or call Bob Doyle at 617-876-5678.

  The basic function of the Advanced Router is to give the hosts on an internal LAN or DMZ redundant full-service connections to the internet by being connected to two or more ISP networks. In order to provide redundancy, the Advanced Router uses a combination of Network Address Translation, Static Alternative Routes, and Dead Gateway Detection. This is ideal for distributing traffic across multiple low-cost DSL lines. Downtime is reduced, even eliminated by always having a spare line or two operational.
  Physically, the Advanced Router is a commodity personal computer with off-the-shelf ethernet adapters, running Linux with a patched kernel. Configuration preferences are set using a convenient, secure, database-backed web application designed to detect new interfaces and hosts for easy maintenance. For greater redundancy, a second Advanced Router can act as a Tandem Partner, reconfigurable on the fly to take over if the first should require routine upgrades, maintenance, or replacement.

  Key features include:

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